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David Lawless directing

I've been creating and directing for over 20 years, kicking around the globe making stuff for brands and agencies. My thing is finding and capturing unique, unexpected moments of story. I'm a huge believer in instinctive, gut-first filmmaking that can sometimes challenge, but always starts from a place of truth. My years of experience across multiple genres of production, paired with my international perspective have shaped my way of shaping stories.

I'm always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of the medium and create innovative, evocative work that captures the audience's attention and imagination. Connection is my purpose - whether it's creating truth with a character, or discovering the best way to represent a product.

I've worked with brands like Ford, Guinness, Guess, Krispy Kreme, Williams Martini Racing, Formula E, Lotus Formula 1, Alpine Stars, Denon, Jameson, Live Nation, Ritz-Carlton, Symantec, Oracle, Dell and more. I've also had stints client-side as Creative Director.

I can work as a local in Portland OR, Los Angeles, Dublin and London. I have EU and US citizenship, as well as Hostile Environment Training.

2023 Reel

2023 Reel

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When I approach projects, I'm always guided by my curiosity, empathy, and passion for connecting disparate elements into a cohesive, resonant whole. My concepts and ideas are sometimes unorthodox, but always serve the story and intent.

With a background in film, journalism, and fine arts, I love to find and express truth, beauty, and mystery in all of my projects. My work's been featured at film festivals around the world and I've received numerous industry accolades.

Born in France and raised in Ireland. Attended the National Film School of Ireland, moved to London after graduation, and worked as a freelance editor for a number of years before progressing to producing and directing. After a few years in San Francisco, I now make Portland, OR my home with my teenage son Oscar, and two cats of questionable character.

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