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I've been in the content creation game for over 20 years, and love working with brands and agencies to bring their stories to life. I have a knack for capturing unique, cinematic and unexpected moments of story that excite and delight, and am always looking for new ways to approach a project. I strongly believe in the power of curiosity and excitement in driving the creative process. I am a hands-on thinker-maker with great narrative and visual experience and instinct.

I have a unique combination of technical and creative skills that sets me apart as a director. I am a master of the technical aspects of filmmaking, with a deep understanding of cinematography, sound design, and editing. I know how to use these technical elements to serve the story, and to lead crews large and small effectively.

​At the same time, I am also highly creative, with a strong sense of visual storytelling and an innate ability to craft compelling narratives. I'm always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of the medium and create innovative, thought-provoking pieces that capture the audience's attention and imagination. My deft touch and innate filmmaking instinct are a key asset on any production. His experience ranges freely across documentary, commercials, narrative, broadcast & entertainment, experiential and experimental art films.

2023 Reel

2023 Reel

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When approaching projects, I am always guided by an artistic eye, curiosity, empathy, and sensitivity.
I am a director with an insatiable curiosity and a passion for exploring new and uncharted territories. I'm not afraid to take risks and explore unconventional approaches, resulting in thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces.


When working with actors, I believe that the key to a great performance is a deep understanding of the character and their journey. I work closely with actors to create a safe and supportive environment where they can take risks and fully embody their characters. I know the best performances come from actors who are fully invested in the material and feel supported by the director.

I've worked on projects around the globe and gained a diverse creative perspective. My extensive international experiences, diverse cultural understandings, and ability to adapt to different environments, have given me a unique view of the world, allowing me to make decisive editorial and creative choices that serve the style, tone, character and story in a most authentic and impactful way.

With a background in film, journalism, and fine arts, bring a unique and edgy perspective to every project. My work has been featured at prestigious film festivals around the world and I have received numerous industry accolades, solidifying my reputation as a bold and innovative director.


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